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Fruitful Fathers: The Importance of Dads

Men are the providers, protectors, and quite frankly, the heads of the household. But, approximately 17.8 million children live in homes without the presence of an adoptive, step or biological father. Let's explore the benefits of having a "father figure" in the home.

Benefit #1: Lowers the risk of postpartum depression for mothers

  • Mothers need much support once the baby is here. Therefore, having fathers who are fully involved in the parenting relationship eases the stresses. Infants require much attention and frequent feeding, nurturing, and overall care.

Benefit #2: Improved school performance for their children

Benefit #3: Reduces the likelihood for children to live in poverty

Benefit #4: Children will have higher emotional safety

Benefit #5: Provides a guide for how to develop relationships and overall character

Benefit #6: Improves the emotional foundation in marriage

Benefit #7: Model how to deal with varied social experiences


Bonding with Dad

Kids Central suggests that fathers spend time with their children in order to formulate healthy bonds and strengthen their relationship. Below are some suggestions found on their website:

  • Research suggests that active pursuits like tossing the football, playing basketball, hiking or going to the library are more valuable than spending time in passive activities such as watching television.

  • Studies show benefits to participating in productive activities with children, such as household chores, washing dishes after dinner or cleaning up the backyard.

  • These types of shared activities promote a sense of responsibility and self-worth in children that is, in turn, linked to greater confidence, academic and career success, and mental well-being later in life.

  • Research also suggests that educational activities like reading to children helps to promote their intellectual growth.


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