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Fun with little to no Funds!

Part of the excitement of being a parent is reliving your childhood fun with your children. From playing tag to coloring book pages or having tea parties (as I often do with my three year old), there are endless possibilities. But, what happens when you're low on funds and the trip to Chuck E Cheese's is just out of reach? Find out how to keep the fun at home and way below the budget.

Tip 1: Free days at your local museums or zoos

Living in New York, I have learned very quickly that saving money is crucial to surviving the fast paced life here. One of my favorite ways to save money is by visiting my local museums, zoos and botanical gardens free of charge! Websites such as NYCTourism offer a variety of places to visit.

  • Places that are always free include but are not limited to the following:

    • African Burial Ground Memorial Site American Folk Art Museum Bernard Museum of Judaica (Temple Emanu-El) BRIC House The Bronx Museum of the Arts Castle Clinton National Monument Center for Architecture Center for Brooklyn History Climate Museum Drawing Center Federal Hall National Memorial Fort Wadsworth General Grant National Memorial Hamilton Grange The Harbor Defense Museum

Tip 2: Include DIY or arts activities into your routine

As the mom of a busy toddler, I have been able to find creative ways to keep her entertained at home. One of the activities she enjoys most is painting. In order to meet this need, I visited my local dollar store and Five Below to purchase art supplies in bulk.

FiveBelow sells a pack of five canvas, a set of paints, and multipacks of brushes all for five dollars or less. With these supplies, I've been able to keep my child engaged in something she likes, and have inherited a beautiful wall of priceless pieces that remind me of the quality time we've been able to share.

Tip 3: Get out more

It is always good to get out and get moving. Fresh air, long walks or even a light jog are all beneficial to overall physical health. states that one benefit of walking is it eases joint pain. Besides the mentioned activities, taking the kids to the park is such a great way to allow them to release that pent up energy. While this is more suitable for warmer days, comfortable weather is usually 50 degrees or better which makes 75% of the year available for these endeavors.

Tip 4: Special Occasions at Home

One of the benefits of the COVID-19 pandemic was that it gave us creative flexibility of how to making staying at home entertaining. Parents can keep their little ones relaxed and excited at home with a plethora of family night themes. Here are some ideas of amazing themes:

  • Movie Night

  • Dessert Night

  • Bowling Night

(photo courtesy of Pinterest)


Check out these resources for more ideas.

  • Free NYC Museums

  • 31 Arts and Crafts for Kids to Make at Home

  • 10 Benefits of Walking, Plus Safety Tips and More

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