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Single Mother Syndrome: Yea, it's a thing!

What if I told you that you talk about your kids way too much? Would that offend you? Would you be reluctant to ever share your family stories again? If this sounds insulting to you, then you may want to consider assessing yourself for single mom syndrome.

Single mom syndrome is an obsessive type of love for one's child. Other signs of single mom syndrome as are follows:

  •  Single moms typically develop the mentality that they are the only ones who know what's best for their child

  • Single mom syndrome can cause you to be overprotective

  • Single mom syndrome may cause you to have unrealistic expectations for your child due to feeling like you don't have your own life

So do you have single mom syndrome? I know I did very early on. My child was my comfort to the point that I did everything to soothe her when she cried. I did anything from carrying her even when she did not have an unmet need, allowed her to sleep on my chest for her first six months postpartum, and was in a state of anxiety when she was gone; I missed her so much I'd sleep with her blanket close to my pillow to simulate her being there with me. However, I was causing her some harm because studies show that a controlling parent reduces a child's confidence and IQ.

Overcoming Single Parent Syndrome

  • Develop the habit of budgeting and financial planning

  • Practice self care

  • Bond with your child through appropriate activities for their age

  • Do not burden your child with adult responsibilities

  • Develop consistent routines

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