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Travels with Toddlers

Hello my fellow parents! Have you been able to enjoy some time away? Go on a staycation? Successfully make it to the park? Well, one thing I know for sure is that my transitions are anything but smooth. My daily commute alone involves an hour and a half of prep, and approximately 35 minutes to an hour of travel. What commute is this you may ask... getting my cutie pie and me to work and school.

Toddlers are such an interesting group of people, balanced enough to partake in daily routines of washing, dressing and feeding, but not quite fully independent. Therefore, if you want to make it anywhere seamlessly, planning is key. Let's say you're scheduled to be at a playdate at 3PM, factoring feeding, naps and tantrums, one must ensure that the prep begins HOURS in advance! Here's a few steps to how I get it done.

Step 1: Prep the night before

This one is self explanatory. Prepping will help alleviate a ton of stress and save you money. You should prep outfits and pack a balanced lunch; be sure to check the weather in order for this to work. I like to pack my daughter's lunch box with fruits snacks, juice boxes, water and a PB&J sandwich or fruit.

Step 2: Get ready while they're asleep

Getting ready is a production in itself. Truth is, doing it with a busy child makes it that much harder, so I bathe, dress and get breakfast started all while my daughter is asleep. This is beneficial as I get to sneak in some "me" time and clean up anything from the night before.

Step 3: Head out with ample time

Both my daughter and I have a start time of 8AM. Luckily, she attends preschool across the street from where I teach, but getting us there can be a hassle. So, I typically leave my home an hour and a half before our start time. Living in the Bronx and having to rely on public transportation can be tricky. Buses break down, trains run late, traffic is overwhelming, hence the need to have substantial leeway in your timing.

Now that you've gotten a glimpse to my routine, does this help with yours?


Need more detailed information on how to travel with your toddler? Check these out!

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