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Why am I stressed?: The mini-series

I've often found myself pondering on my reactions to over stimulation. The loud television set simultaneously playing while the iPad is on full blast. Hearing the word "mommy" for what seems like the millionth time that day. But, feeling like you've found no balance tops them all especially with the task of "adulting". Gathered together, these daily incidents can easily lead to a little thing we call stress.

Stress is defined by worry or mental tension triggered by challenging situations. While stress is not typically positive, "acute stress" occurs for short periods of time and allows us to navigate dangerous scenarios. On the contrary, chronic, or long term stress can be rooted in unhappy relationships or financial dilemmas. Because stress creates hormones to keep the body alert, MedlinePlus reveals that being in elongated periods of stress pushes the body to remain vigilant even when there are no signs of danger! Overall, stress is a natural experience that presents itself in our daily lives.

How will I know if I'm stressed?

Signs of stress can look like:

  • Upset stomach

  • Lack of sleep

  • Consumption of alcohol

  • Anxiety

Situations that Cause Stress

  • Starting a new job

  • Fights with family or friends

  • Getting ready to start. a family

All in all, stress is the warning from within that tells us something is wrong!

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